The Plea on Oath

The Plea on Oath is a story of a bright and gifted boy. It will have you gripped, inspiring, powerful, intensive story as you read about how the boy grew up to become a Doctor, a thriller of his own hard work but not so much to show for it as he struggled and battled his notorious addiction to gambling with adverse consequences leaving a vacuum. The author keeps you in suspense as the intriguing story unfolds. Segun lived his life like a 'Candle in the Wind' with his struggle and fight back from the edge of death, his recovery and then back to the unavoidable end....... Doctors are human......and so are we all.

The Power of Words

The Power of WordsThis book is a treasure in the hands of anyone required to use oratory skill in their role. It is known in most countries of the world that lawyers are good orators, perhaps due to the nature of their profession, Barristers are known to address the court. Some of our world leaders past and present are great orators; it is, however, important to note that while not all of them were lawyers, they have delivered remarkable and memorable speeches to their respective nations. One of the qualities of a good leader is the ability to address the nation with good oratory skills. This book therefore explores the power and effect that words have on all of us.


How to Write a Good Dissertation

How to write DissertationsA Guide for University Undergraduate Students is an essential reference guide for university undergraduate student and anyone who wishes to write at professional level. Every undergraduate student will at some point be required to write a dissertation, project, a portfolio or thesis. This could be daunting and having gone through that experience myself, I thought a book like this would be helpful to students around the world. I have tried to keep it concise, succinct, and as brief as much as possible; the last thing a student need is reading a lengthy guide on how to write their onerous project. Most of the chapters cover topics every student will find useful regardless of their course of study. This book covers essential policies, guidelines and procedures set out in the code of practice for writing projects in most reputable universities around the world.

The Judges and Lawyer's Companion

The Judges and Lawyer's CompanionThe Judges and Lawyer's Companion' is a must have and useful tool in the hands of Judges and Lawyers and in deed any one delivering a decision making role formally and informally. This book aims to reduce the valuable time lawyers at the bar and judicial officers on the bench spend looking for the meaning of Latin maxims. Law students seeking quick interpretation and dictionary meaning of Latin maxims will also benefit immensely. I have decided to compile this companion as a reference guide at a glance and I hope this piece of work will find its place on the book shelf of every Judge and Lawyer around the world. The author has carefully illustrated the meaning of each maxim using case authorities wherever possible in court ruling around the world. This book is a linguistic treasure, a robust companion with engaging collection puts revered proverbs at reader's fingertips.